Solidarity & Defense, Huron Valley


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Join us in so-called Washtenaw County and across the state to compost old, tangled systems while tending the soil to grow new, free communities of mutual aid. We are a collective of anti-authoritarians, abolitionists, poets, queers, and radicals.

We are a network of people committed to providing solidarity and defense to communities under attack. We organize along directly democratic and participatory lines and are independent of all political parties and their affiliated groups.

We believe in and support people young and old; queer and gender non-conforming; immigrants and refugees; working people, students, the poor; indignados; the ungovernable and those seeking a new society. We remember Trayvon Martin. We fight alongside the Standing Rock Water Protectors and the people of Flint who struggle against the poisoning of our water. We stand with the New York Transit Workers Alliance and the masses at airports demanding to be reunited with their families. When we work together to realize a world where we can live and love as equals, we practice solidarity.