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Ways to Support

There are a variety of ways to make a tax-deductible donation or gift to A Radical Guide.

Every penny of the support we receive from individuals like you funds A Radical Guide’s collaborative programs.

To use your credit card to make a one-time donation or set up a monthly gift, please click here and enter your information into the donation form.

At A Radical Guide, we believe in the power of mutual aid to create positive change in our communities. By contributing to our Mutual Aid Donations (General Fund), you’re joining us in building a safety net of support for those who need it most.

Explore and support groundbreaking initiatives on our Projects page. These projects, led by other groups and collectives of radicals, directly amplify efforts for social justice, mutual aid, and liberation. When you choose to fund these initiatives, your contribution becomes a vital part of the active change we are all striving to see in the world.

Please make checks payable to A Radical Guide.

Checks should be mailed to:

A Radical Guide
PO Box 1025,
Mi-Wuk Village, CA 95346

Looking to fuel the fire of radical change? Organizing or hosting a fundraiser for A Radical Guide’s collaborative programs is an excellent way to make a meaningful impact.

By creating your event, you’re not just raising funds but sparking conversations, building connections, and empowering others to join our movement for justice and liberation.  Just click the button to start your campaign.

Join the Collective in Laying Our Foundation

Committing to a monthly donation of $500 or more goes beyond merely supporting us; it’s about embodying the spirit of solidarity and collective action that defines A Radical Guide. Your ongoing gift, month after month, becomes the scaffolding upon which we construct our vision for a more just and liberated world.