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About A Radical Guide


To cultivate a globally connected network of activists and radicals, fostering an informed, engaged, and empowered community dedicated to enacting social transformation. A Radical Guide envisions a world where diverse voices advocating for equality, justice, and liberation are amplified and drive meaningful, lasting societal change.


To uncover, preserve, share, and celebrate the rich histories and ongoing efforts of anarchist, anti-authoritarian, and radical movements worldwide. A Radical Guide is a comprehensive educational hub connecting people to the legacy, modern landscape, and future of grassroots liberation movements, providing resources, fostering dialogue, and supporting related initiatives.


Our core purpose is to nurture a community that is knowledgeable and actively involved in the pursuit of justice and liberation. A Radical Guide aims to bridge the gap between historical and contemporary struggles for liberation by disseminating educational materials, hosting events, and fostering connections among activists and groups. We are committed to ensuring that the diverse voices of resistance shape a more equitable and just society.

Our activities span from curating and sharing educational content to organizing workshops and seminars and providing a platform for activists to connect and collaborate. These efforts are designed to celebrate the legacy of resistance and inspire ongoing contributions to social movements, serving the public interest by promoting education, civic engagement, and social justice.

A Radical Guide ensures that all efforts and resources are directed towards our mission of educating and empowering individuals and communities to engage in social activism. We believe in the transformative power of knowledge and community to drive social change, and our operations reflect a commitment to these principles, ensuring that our collective mission for a better world is always at the forefront.

Meet the Board of Directors

  • Shi Woo Ji
    Shi Woo JiSecretary
  • Thomas Barnett
    Thomas BarnettDirector
  • Jason Bayless
    Jason BaylessPresident
  • Victoria Anibarro
    Victoria AnibarroTreasurer

A Radical Guide’s Core Values:

Facilitating Self-Empowerment Through Community Support: We recognize that true empowerment is a personal journey, one that individuals embark upon through self-discovery, learning, and action. Our role is to facilitate this journey by providing individuals with the knowledge, resources, and connections to unlock their potential for advocacy, justice, and equality. We believe in the power of community to create an environment that nurtures individual growth and collective action, enabling each person to become an agent of change in their own right and within the broader movement for social transformation.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Recognizing the strength found in diversity, we commit to fostering an inclusive environment where all voices, especially those marginalized in mainstream narratives, are heard and valued. Our platform champions the contributions of a wide array of cultures, identities, and perspectives in pursuing a more equitable and liberated world.

Transparency and Integrity: We strive for transparency and integrity in all our operations. Trust is built through honest communication and ethical practices, ensuring our community can rely on us to be forthright and consistent in our mission.

Solidarity and Support: Solidarity is at the heart of our work. We stand with all who resist oppression and strive for liberation. By supporting related initiatives and groups, we aim to strengthen the bonds within the activist community, recognizing that our collective efforts are more powerful than our individual actions.

Education for Liberation: We view education as a critical tool for liberation. Our commitment to uncovering, preserving, and sharing the histories and ongoing efforts of anarchist, anti-authoritarian, and radical movements is driven by the belief that informed communities are better equipped to challenge injustices and create meaningful change.

Sustainability, Responsibility, and Accountability: We understand the importance of not only environmental sustainability but also the sustainability of our movements through the responsible stewardship of resources. This commitment extends to being accountable for our actions and their impact on the community and the planet. We prioritize transparent practices that ensure we are answerable to the communities we serve and dedicated to the long-term well-being of future generations. By integrating these principles into our operations, we aim to model the change we wish to see in the world, fostering a culture of care, diligence, and accountability that supports our collective journey towards social transformation.

Innovation and Adaptability: We value innovation and adaptability in the face of evolving challenges and opportunities. We are committed to exploring new ideas, technologies, and strategies to enhance our effectiveness and impact in promoting social change.

What Others Are Saying About A Radical Guide

Support A Radical Guide

Are you energized by the work of A Radical Guide and eager to contribute to our mission? Your support is invaluable in sustaining and expanding our efforts. There are two ways you can be a part of this exciting journey:

Every contribution, whether it’s a regular commitment or a one-time gesture, fortifies our ability to continue highlighting underrepresented narratives and deepening the conversation around activism and radical thought. Your support propels us forward, enabling us to illuminate the stories that need to be told and nurturing a community engaged in meaningful dialogue and action.

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