El Centro Social Manuel González Prada


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Queremos saludar y sumarnos a este nuevo proyecto que los cumpxs de Lima están llevando adelante. El Centro Social Manuel González Prada ha abierto sus puertas este sábado 17 de setiembre. Cuenta con una copiosa biblioteca, hemeroteca, y varias salas para eventos culturales y sociales. Los cumpxs nos comunican que pronto van a inaugurar un espacio para lxs niños del barrio.

We want to say hello and join this new project that the cumpxs of Lima are carrying out. The Manuel González Prada Social Center has opened its doors this Saturday, September 17th. It has a copious library, library, and several rooms for cultural and social events. The cumpxs inform us that soon they will open a space for lxs children in the neighborhood.

After a lot of hard work, we announced the opening of the “Manuel González Prada Social Center”. We will have a library on social issues, a newspaper library, a video library and a bookstore. It will also be a space for the dissemination of libertarian ideas.