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Tag: Philippines


Land Project and Communal Living

Feral Crust is an eco-anarchist collective based in Davao, Philippines. Who is working to estab..


Support: Filipino Anarchist Movement

A Radical Guide Note:  We are posting this on behalf of fellow comrades in Australia and the P..


Flush the Anti Terrorist Law – Solidarity with the Philippines

  Around the globe, communities are seeing the rise of authoritarianism driven by corpo..


Flush the Anti-Terrorism Bill

The Philippines government is on the verge of enacting an Anti-Terrorism law that will eliminat..


Critical Mass Bike Ride Protest Against Bulacan Aerotropolis Project

This is a report from our friend in the Philippines and is associated with the Etniko Bandido I..


A Solidarity Action to All the Victims of State Atrocities

The Etniko Bandido Infoshop, with several other collectives, in Manila, Philippines hosted o..


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