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Welcome to our collective platform for transformative action. This page is dedicated to showcasing active projects and groups that are pivotal in building a just and equitable world. Each initiative you see here is integral to our mission of amplifying the voices and actions that drive radical change.

When you contribute to these projects, you are directly funding grassroots efforts without intermediation from us. Your tax-exempted donations go to the initiatives listed, empowering them to continue their courageous work in advocating for systemic change.

Discover the projects that align with your passion for social transformation and connect with them through your support. Whether you choose to make a one-time donation or commit to ongoing support, your contributions are crucial for the sustainability and expansion of these essential movements.

Other Projects A Radical Guide Funded

Hukbong Lumpen

A Radical Guide supported Hukbong Lumpen by raising funds to pay for their studio time to produce their self-title LP.

Hukbong Lumpen is an eco-socio-political band, based in the Philippines, who are inspired by blues and anarchist perspectives.

Feral Crust

A Radical Guide raised  21,278.14 Philippine peso/ 437.67 USD to help fund the Feral Crust project.

Feral Crust is an eco-anarchist collective based in Davao, Philippines. The collective is working on a land and community project. It is set on 1/2 hectare (1 acre) of the hilly terrain within the remaining forests that are home to native wildlife and indigenous people.


A Radical Guide helped co-produce this series and provided hosting space for this project.

agitated. is a podcast for those who care deeply and are mad as hell. Education and inspiration to get you agitated toward action for a world that centralizes love and justice.  Antics included.

Stop the Ahunah Hydropower Dam Project

A Radical Guide supported the efforts of the communities in and around Pakil, Laguna, Philippines, to stop the development of the Ahunah Hydropwer Dam Project

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