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Sattya Media Arts Collective

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Sattya Media Arts Collective is a resource centre for artists, filmmakers, photographers, activists and other creative types in Nepal.

It provides a space and an open community for DIY culture, inspiration, activism and learning for emerging artists of all kinds. Sattya is a participation based organization, open to everyone and rooted in the spirit of volunteerism and inclusiveness, providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds, ages and skill levels.

Simply put, Sattya exists to encourage people to DO WHAT THEY LOVE.


Support artists by providing space, resources, classes, job opportunities and creating a community of skilled and passionate people who pursue their craft.

Use media and art to bring about awareness and new perspectives in society.

Make art and media accessible to people from different backgrounds, allowing everyone to shape their community and culture.

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Kathmandu 44700, Nepal

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