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Windsor Industrial Workers of the World


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We are the Windsor General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. Things in Windsor have gotten very bad and it is time we as Windsorites take a stand and say we will take no more, it is time we begin to build one big union in this city to stand up for our rights and also begin to build a new world in the shell of the old.

The Industrial Workers of the World works to organize all workers, regardless of job into one big union. The IWW organizes the worker, not the workplace which means that if you are the only worker in your workplace who is a member you will recieve assistance if you are in need. We organize through solidarity unionism. Every member pay dues voluntarily (Our constitution forbids the dues checkoff). This allows us to build solidarity across industries and know that we all have each other back in our time of need. We also dont get government certification or sign contracts with employers because we know that power lies in the workers themselves and as long as we stick up for each other certification and contracts are not necessary. Contracts allow employers to prepare for the posibility of a strike which makes the threat of a strike pointless. The IWW also is a member run union, we only have one paid staff person in the entire union ! (General secretary treasurer). This is an elected position with a maximum term limit of 3 years. We dont even have the position of president in order to prevent anyone from gaining influence within the union.