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West Michigan Anarchist Federation


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As anarchists we are members of the working class who are conscious of the class struggle and who strive for full freedom and equality. This form of society will only work through the voluntary practice of self-organization and mutual aid which we try to undertake in the here and now. Being an anarchist means not only throwing off the chains of hierarchy and coercion and striving for personal freedom but also taking responsibility for our actions where they affect others, making ourselves accountable to those we chose to work with, and practicing solidarity with other people in struggle. We believe that in order to get from our current society to a world free of exploitation and oppression there is a need for revolutionary organizations.

This is the basis of the Anarchist Federation. We are committed to building an effective organizations which has a collective identity and works towards the common goal of anarchist communism. We believe that such a collective identity must be based on free association and respect for the autonomy of the individual. We value the diversity of our members as we continue to develop our ideas in the light of new developments in the world and from our experiences of struggle.

The AF works for the creation of an international libertarian communist movement. We believe this movement cannot be created without building a specific anarchist communist organization. We believe that for social revolution to be successful it will require the activity of this revolutionary organization as a part of the working class, while rejecting any idea that it acts as a self-appointed leader.