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Waterloo Public Housing Action Group


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Fighting for our homes, our community and our local small businesses who create local employment in Waterloo, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

We are residents of  Waterloo public housing community, who received a hand delivered A4 page placed into our letter boxes dated the 15th December 2015, from the N.S.W Baird Liberal Governments housing minister Brad Hazzard.  Printed with vilification, ‘HE WAS EXCITED’ to tell all Waterloo public housing tenants of N.S.W Premier Mike Baird’s social cleansing and eviction from our Waterloo public housing homes and community. Which psychologically has fully created mass trepidation, anguish, stress and anxiety among Waterloo public housing tenants and the community. By violating and taking away our human rights and stability to make ‘any solid plans’ for the security of our future through no fault of our own. Which is not psychologically healthy for any person regardless who they are for their health or well being.

After two months of sleepless nights distressed by our uncertain future. On the 18th February 2016 at the National Center of Indigenous Excellence, 166-180 George Street Redfern 2016. Attending a public meeting hosted by N.S.W Premier Mike Baird’s housing Minister Brad Hazzard.  Instead of maturely any common sense and ignoring questions addressed by Waterloo public housing tenants. Brad Hazzard in a condescending manner, continuously  verbally insulted  all Waterloo public housing tenants. By his condescending socially arrogant and unapproachable behaviour avoiding answering any questions by verbally replying ignorant blunt sarcasm,  this is how W.P.H.A.G. formed.