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Viscera Print Goods & Ephemera


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A book and zine distro operating in the New England area and based in Providence, Rhode Island. Seller of anarchist print goods and ephemera – books, pamphlets, oddities and more!

Viscera gets to the inside of things – it cuts through the smooth surface of niceties and moralisms that we clad ourselves in to explore the messy stuff underneath. It has no lips with which to offer a polite, ambiguous smile but always has its teeth bared in a skeleton grin. Unhappy with much of the anarchist culture (or lack thereof) which haunts New England, we decided to trim away at the tiresome surface of activism and organizing which often defines these spaces and find something deeper. We’re still exploring, but we’ve made some interesting discoveries and are always looking for more.

Viscera is not a unity – it is a collection of organs working together that give a body life. Though we have a diversity of interests, experiences and passions we are tied together by our curiosity as well as our hatred of the world in which we exist and our love of something better which we call anarchy.

In the spirit of exploration (as well as the lack of money which marks the spirit of our generation) we have no material home but rather exist as a wandering bazaar, coming alive in various locations in Rhode Island and the surrounding area to display our wares. What we have to show you is intimate, exciting and perhaps unnerving. We’d love for you to invite us in!