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V6 is the office of the Freie ArbeiterInnen-Union (FAU)/ Free Workers’ Union in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The Free Workers Union Dusseldorf (FAUD) is an independent trade union. It is regionally and nationwide organized in the Federation of Trade Unions FAU , which in turn is part of a global workers’ network.  In 1930’s FAUD was the largest anarcho-syndicalist union in Germany.    Today, FAU consists of several groups, organized locally and rejects hierarchical organizations and political representation.

FAU’s purpose is to uphold and promote the working and economic conditions as well as the cultural and social interests of its members. Solidarity organizing is at the core. As stated on their site, “Social interests are complex. Therefore, the FAU Dusseldorf endeavors, beyond its own membership, to promote the consciousness of workers about the common situation and interests as well as the mutual help and cohesion. Another objective of FAU Düsseldorf is to expand the cooperation of wage earners across organizational, industry and national boundaries.”

Original text from the quote above. “Gesellschaftliche Interessenlagen sind komplex. Deshalb bemüht sich die FAU Düsseldorf, über die eigene Mitgliedschaft hinaus, das Bewusstsein von Arbeiter*innen über die gemeinsame Lage und Interessen ebenso zu fördern wie die gegenseitigen Hilfe und den Zusammenhalt. Ein weiteres Ziel der FAU Düsseldorf ist es, die Zusammenarbeit von Lohnabhängigen über Organisations-, Branchen- und Ländergrenzen hinweg auszubauen.”