Union of Iranian and Afghan Anarchists


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In the union, all anarchist tendencies, except for religious, pacifist and so called capitalist anarchists, have the potential to participate. The group will continue to operate independently in addition to being in the union.

All persons and groups are required to sign any callout or announcement with the name of the union. If no collective agreement is reached, each individual or group can independently publish announcements themselves

At the beginning of the formation of the union, the highest level of cooperation will be in the joint signing of the Union of Anarchists. Over time, with more familiarity between individuals and groups, there will be the possibility to expand the level of cooperation.

The Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran includes the following anarchist groups

The Anarchist Era Collective (a community of anarchists from Iran and Afghanistan operating both inside and outside their countries)

The Anarchist group “Aleyh” (based in Afghanistan)

The Revolutionary Radical Anarchist Front (based in Iran)