Union Communiste Libertaire Bruxelles


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The proposed society is based on the concrete experiences of workers and revolutionary peoples: free communes, workers’ councils, federations, revolutionary syndicalism.

We call this project libertarian communism, not by reference to the “communist” Marxist-Leninist current, but in the continuity of a more ancient and wider current, anti-authoritarian, syndicalist, councilist.

“Communism”: a society based on the pooling of the means of production, without private or private appropriation, centralized, that is to say without class and without state.

“Libertarian”: a society whose goal and condition is the emancipation of society, workers and individuals, through economic equality and bottom-up democracy of production and the whole of society.

Libertarian communism is the project of a society in evolution, animated by a permanent revolutionary process, which progressively spreads the new society on all the terrestrial surface, and which gains and integrates little by little the whole population.