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Roots Go Deeper

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Located in the historic Woodbridge Farms neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan, Trumbullplex (also known as the Wayne Association for Collective Housing) is an anarchist housing collective and art space with roots dating back to the 1970s. Formally collectivized in 1993, Trumbullplex has become a vital part of Detroit’s DIY and activist community, providing a welcoming environment for people to connect, share ideas, and combat oppression.

Trumbullplex occupies two 100+ year old historic homes, an attached art space, and several outdoor green spaces. The houses offer affordable long-term living accommodations for local artists and activists, while also providing short-term lodging for traveling artists, activists, and friends. By offering low-cost housing, Trumbullplex supports a diverse and thriving community of creative individuals who are committed to social change.

The attached art space at Trumbullplex hosts a variety of events, showcasing DIY musicians from punk, folk, hip-hop, and beyond, as well as theater troupes, puppet shows, poetry readings, and dance parties. Events are typically donation-based, ensuring accessibility to all members of the community. In addition to these performances, the space also offers weekly aerobics classes, further promoting wellness and connection among its residents and visitors.

One of the key resources available at Trumbullplex is its extensive zine library, which contains thousands of zines from near and far. The collection, primarily sourced from the now-defunct Idle Kids Info Shop, serves as an invaluable archive of alternative perspectives and creative expression. Visitors can explore this unique repository, fostering inspiration and dialogue around a wide range of topics.

Trumbullplex’s mission is to create an inclusive space where artists, activists, educators, neighbors, and others can come together to share their art and ideas in the fight against all forms of oppression. By offering a platform for creative expression, skill sharing, and community-building, Trumbullplex continues to be an essential hub for the Detroit DIY and activist scene.