The Conquest of Bread

Solidarity Through Sourdough

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The Conquest of Bread is a Hull microbakery that takes its name from the 1892 book by the Russian Anarcho-Communist Pyotr Kropotkin and is inspired by his demand for ‘Well-Being for all!’.

The Conquest of Bread produces high quality, nutritious, hand-made bread for the local community. A loaf of my real bread costs more than a standard supermarket loaf, but it is considerably more filling, more nutritious, has no artificial additives or preservatives, is long-lasting, freezes well and is all-round excellent food made with care, patience and love! I bake mostly sourdough, which is very different to ordinary shop-bought bread.

Sourdough bread does not use added yeast, but is naturally leavened with a cultured ‘starter’ made and fed with organic wholewheat bread flour and filtered water, developing its own wild yeasts. The starter is added to organic flour, sea salt and filtered water to make a basic loaf. All loaves, including those made with added yeast, are produced slowly, fermenting for 18-24 hours before baking. The long ferment time builds a distinctive flavour to the bread, and many people find slow-fermented bread easier to digest. The high-quality ingredients mean that it is real food that will nourish and sustain.