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The Chapel of Unrest


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The Chapel of Unrest is a simple steel structure, set in the unnatural beauty of Rockaway Park, just south of Bristol, U.K. We erected the original building with the intention of holding film and spoken word events, craft and art markets, yoga classes and the occasional wedding.

A few years ago the local authorities decided that we needed to pay “business rates” on the building as in their opinion it was an industrial unit. I replied that it had only ever (at that point) been used for a wedding, and so, in my opinion, it was a Church and as such, was exempt. from “business rates”

A church.. a monument.. a movement..

They returned a few days later, and said “You can’t have a church without a “recognised” religion.

A quick glance at google suggested that in order to be a “recognised” religion you had to have 60,000 followers (this isn’t at all true by the way, but suited me) I immediately thought, ok then.. ” if i get 60,000 people to join this new “religion” and pay £10 each to join, or £20 with a t-shirt option, we will then have somewhere between £600,000 and £1.2 million”.

“That ought to be enough to build a church.. a monument.. a movement.. that stands for the disenfranchised, the visionaries, the dreamers and misfits”… For Us