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Tāmaki Makaurau Anarchists


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We are an anarchist group in Tāmaki Makaurau/’Auckland’ building, agitating and educating against all forms of hierarchy and for a better society.  

We promote Auckland anarchist projects, groups, events and news electronically, through Auckland Anarchist Assemblies (public meetings) and at protests and events. We also put individual anarchists in touch with each other.

Tamaki Makaurau Anarchists believe in and strive for a society in which people are in charge of their destinies collectively in their communities, regardless of who they are. This means a society free from oppressive hierarchical systems, such as the state and capitalism. Such a radical change cannot be achieved from within the institutions which maintain this order.

Instead, we seek a revolution from the bottom up where regular people free themselves by actively constructing a new free society together. Our organization should not be the institutionalization or substitution of this revolution, which can only be based on the self activity of people and workers in their communities or in mass movements. Instead, this group’s purpose and aims are to be a space to bring together, support, build and help theorize this revolution.