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Taala Hooghan Infoshop


3.0/51 Reviews

We are an Indigenous-established, community based and volunteer-run collective dedicated to creatively confronting and overcoming social and environmental injustices in the occupied territories (Kinlani) of Flagstaff and surrounding areas.

We are restoring and redefining knowledge and information in ways that will be meaningful to our communities. We offer access to independent media, the arts, skill building, and alternative education, with the goal of self-development as well as empowerment for youth and the greater community into action in favor of a more just and sustainable world.

We offer:

  • Lending library
  • Organizing space & support
  • Banner making
  • Radical books
  • ‘Zines & ‘Zine Archive
  • Lending Library
  • Performance Space
  • Silk-screening
  • Movie Nights
  • DIY Art Nights
  • Gardening
  • discussion groups and much more!

We focus on and actively resist:

  • Colonialism
  • Capitalist
  • Authoritarianism
  • Hetero-patriarchy
  • White Supremacy

In 2007 community members and an Indigenous youth empowerment media collective called “Outta Your Backpack Media” (OYBM) came together with a vision to establish a space that cultivates active resistance to capitalism, environmental & social injustices in and around our community of Flagstaff. Since then Táala Hooghan infoshop has hosted all ages shows, film screenings of hard to find political movies, the Free Free Market, silkscreening, D.I.Y. art skill shares, and provided meeting and event space for other organizations.

OYBM has worked with more than 300 youth and produced dozens of short films at free youth workshops, some of which have been screened nationally and internationally at film festivals.

1 Review for Taala Hooghan Infoshop

Teresa benale 1 Reviews
As an advocate for native people l have not been able to contact anyone from your outreach center to really assist me as an unemployed elder person, except for your survival kits and clothing. Your doors are always locked and you don’t respond to phone calls with the number you have on your door.

Your center seems to be unfriendly and very closed in or no opportunity available to develop a cordial connections to really help or give variety of assistance of any to people who don’t necessarily wander the streets. As an elderly l’m just out there to take advantage of the, l’m seeking support to better myself so l can get out of my situation due to getting laid-off from my job. I hope l am not just another number for your statistics’ reports, yes l’m feelings the frustration of my reality. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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