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Symbiotic Horizon


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Symbiotic Horizon is a communalist collective advancing a culture of social ecology based in Norwich, United Kingdom.

We hold regular actions, study groups and film screenings.

Our philosophy posits that the domination of nature by humanity is an extension of the domination of humans by humans. Thus, the only way we can move towards a truly liberatory and democratic society that exists in superlative symbiosis with nature is to root-out this hierarchical exploitation from current society.

No system has normalised and proliferated these negative human relationships as fiercely as capitalism has, and that is why we need to assault this toxic ideology head-on. However, it is certain that we will not succeed in surpassing capitalism if we only assess it on Marxian economic terms; it has infected every aspect of human life and entirely corrupted the community. A dialectical, rational, holistic critique of capital needs to be advanced and a coherent ethical alternative form of social organisation needs to be pursued.

For a successful transition towards a symbiotic horizon, the arena of the next revolution must be the municipality. The foundation of libertarian directly democratic society organised around confederated assemblies, cooperatives and collectives allows for the most effective egalitarian empowerment of people. The community revolution will explode with fecundity and will subvert and surpass the state!

Forward the end of capitalist modernity! Towards a culture of social ecology! The future of radicalism is green; not red! Utopia awaits!

EMAIL: symbiotic.horizon[at]protonmail.com