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Sydney Wobblies


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Member run union for all people who are obliged to sell their skills to the employing class in order to make a living. Decisions about what issues to address and what tactics to pursue are made by the workers in the organisation themselves.

Wage theft has reached epidemic proportions across Australia. Whether it’s celebrity chefs paying employees only half the hours that they actually work, the biggest retail chains in the country stealing literally hundreds of millions of dollars from their staff, or agribusiness bosses casually paying workers $5 an hour or less, systematic stealing on a massive scale is now a normal business model for entire industries.

Employers can get away with ripping us off because we’re divided and disorganised. But when we unite and fight together using protest and collective action, we can turn the tables and reclaim what’s ours. IWW members organising in the Sydney Solidarity network have helped win thousands of dollars in backpay from wage-thieving businesses, and IWW branches from North America to the UK have achieved similar successes.

If you or someone you know is getting ripped off and wants to do something about it, then get in touch with one of our branches and let’s fight to win!