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Das Solizentrum ist ein offenes, selbst organisiertes Haus für Geflüchtete, Migrant_innen und alle anderen Lübecker_innen.

The Solizentrum is an open, self-organized house for refugees, migrants and all other Lübeck residents.

Includes a women’s cafe, free medical assistance for undocumented migrants and a free store.

Free store


The free store is the try to be organized economically

by giving priority to social demands. Examples for what you can find and donate here:

  • Media: Books, CDs, DVDs, …
  • domestic needs: tableware, pots and pans, cups and glasses, vases, paintings, …
  • small ecelctric appliances: toasters, mixers, hair drier, computers…
  • baby’s and childrens’s demands: clothes, toys, comics, outdoor-toys,…
  • smaller items of furniture: lamps, mirrors,..

The free store is opened at  5pm to 7pm on mondays and fridays and 4pm to 6pm on thursdays.

Kitchencollective “Anker”

The kitchen- and pubcollective “Anker” found its purpose in cooking and serving drinks for and with everyone. Besides snipping vegetables and cooking tea or “chai” also doing the washing up and cleaning the workspace have to be managed. And we still need help! So whether you’d like to join us or just come over once in a while and drink a beer with us, you’re welcome!

We’re open every wednesday from 6 PM.

Medical help

The right to healthcare is a human right – for all human beings!

The “Medibüro” offers medical help for people without papers. We place anonymously and costless medical help for refugees and migrants without access to healthcare.

If needed we refer to doctors for professional and mostly gratuitous checkup. In addition we’re able to help out with interpretors.

We are an autonomous network of students and volunteers and finance our help completely by donations.


Today’s trash is tomorrow’s treasure!

Countless objects are thrown away in the western Industry nations. Among them are a lot of objects, that, after simple repairs, will function again in no time. Against this trend Repair-Initiatives [1] and Repair-Cafés [2] are being founded all over the country.
In our solidarity center (Willy-Brandt-Allee 11) a Repair-Café emerged inspired by the model of said Repair-Initiatives and Repair-Cafés. For it we’re still looking for active supporters!
With the initiative of our Repair-Café we want to

  • bring those who are interested in contact with professionals and tinkerers to bring objects back to their old glory together.
  • sharpen the technical understanding in the process
  • bring back the high regards towards the product and the work put into making it and push back the need for quick, short-term consume – the “simple rebuying”.
  • above all include the refugees in and around Lübeck in our work

Transitconsultation and Informationpoint

We support Refugees concerning transit and offer individual advice and information, also about other advice centers in Lübeck. Therefor we have interpretors for the following languages in our team: farsi, pashto, arab, hindi, dari, french, spanish, english and german.

What we have to offer:

  • Support for your onward journal to Sweden (what laws are currently in force; Planning the travel to Sweden; what happens in Sweden).
  • Information concerning offers of other consultation centers in Lübeck (where you can get advice about what).
  • Groupconsultation concerning certain issues / topics (how to register a child in school, asylum procedure, etc.). These appointments are published on our website.

We work in cooperation with various other advice centers in Lübeck, for example Lübecker Flüchtlingsforum e.V., Gemeindediakonie, AWO, refugee comissioners of church district Lübeck-Lauenburg and Humanistische Union e.V. together.

Monday and thursday 4pm to 7pm.

Please contact us beforehand, if you know that you come. Especially if you come from far away or if you need translation, so that we can make an appointment and organise a translation. If its possible for you, we are also very happy, if you can bring your own translator.

Women’s Cafe

Our cafe every friday 2pm to 6pm takes place in the whole kitchen area. We intend to create a safe space for women – no men allowed! Have a nice chat by tea and coffee and feel free to bring your children with you.

To the men who read this: Please respect the area of freedom for women and do not enter the kitchen area in this time. Thank you!