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Salé is an anarchist infocentrum in Prague, Czech Republic that offers a space for anti-authoritarian collectives and individuals.

About Salé

In January 2012 we opened a new info-center in Zizkov, Prague. We felt the need for a new space to support the local anarchist movement, to give it fresh wind in the sails. We wanted to create a space that could be used for various projects, and also a space where we could share and spread our ideas. We named it after the Salé pirate colony in Morocco, which was an economically, politically, and intellectually independent territory for decades. The pirate fleet and the power pertaining to it was built up by the Renegadoes – people who left Christian Europe to rob merchant fleets of pre-capitalist times. For them Salé was a much-needed base for subversive activities, as it is now for us, built from our own principles and values and not those which are imposed on us by the state.

We live in a tense and unstable time where there are no guarantees, where people are losing faith in a system based on imaginary monetary values. Capitalism, which until recently has been considered to be stable and unshakable, is slowly beginning to crumble. We, as anarchists are always fighting against the system, and now that it is in crisis, what should be our role? It is important for us to stand united with the oppressed, who no longer want to be just puppets in the hands of the powerful. It is also important for us to awaken a sense of solidarity, collective responsibility, and the desire to protect our own interests and become masters of our own lives. We believe in decentralization and direct action. Through Salé we want to deepen relationships throughout the local anarchist scene, and be able to start calling it a movement again. Furthermore, the space is a means for us to organize ourselves in affinity groups and creating informal mutual relations.

In Sale, which is our haven as it was to the pirates, we don´t tolerate any forms of oppression. We want to create a safe environment without discrimination against race, gender or sexual orientation. Our aim is to go into depth with our critique of the state and patriarchy, and create a space where no one is ashamed to behave in a way that is for them natural. Just as we condemn the domination of human over human, we also condemn the domination of the human race over other animals. Any food that is available in Salé is therefore vegan.

Together, we are working to create facilities for various workshops, presentations, screenings and meetings. We meet regularly to share meals and discuss. Gradually we are creating a radical library and archive of publications, and we spread materials published by other related collectives.

Info-center Salé is managed by an anarchist collective, but anarchism is not a dogma for us. We ourselves are not enclosed in any subculture. The door is open for you, even if you don´t consider yourself as anarchist.