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Saheliano 2007


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Antifascist football ultras throughout Tunisia.

Que la répression essaie, que les cops arrêtent, que les medias attaquent Nous les Ultras pour la vie nous combattons pour le bien de notre mouvement pour le bien de nos groupes…

Let repression try, let the cops try to stop, the media attack, us Ultras for life. We fight for the good of our movement, for the good of our groups…

In Tunisia, a growing number of football fans are organizing under the banner of “Ultras” to fight against fascism and racism. These fans, often referred to as “Antifascist Ultras,” are using their passion for football as a means to raise awareness and combat discrimination.

Ultras are a unique phenomenon in the world of football fandom. They are known for their extreme devotion to their teams, their intense chants, and their displays of support. The Ultras in Tunisia are using their passion for football to fight for a better future, not only for themselves but for their entire country.

One of the main issues that the Antifascist Ultras are fighting against is racism. In Tunisia, like many other countries, racism is a pervasive problem. Many people of African descent are discriminated against and face systemic barriers to equal treatment. The Ultras are using their platform to raise awareness about this issue and to push for change.

Another issue that the Ultras are fighting against is fascism. In recent years, there has been a rise in far-right extremist groups in Tunisia, and the Ultras are determined to stop their spread. They organize protests and counter-protests, and they use their social media accounts to spread messages of anti-fascism and anti-racism.

Despite facing opposition from the authorities and the media, the Antifascist Ultras are determined to continue their fight for a better future. They believe that football can be a powerful tool for social change, and they are using their passion for the game to make a difference in their communities.