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Rustbelt Rising Political Centre


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We’re excited to announce our new political center in Rockford, Illinois. The mission of Rust Belt Rising is to spread ideas and practices of autonomous revolutionary traditions and anarchy informed by black, brown, and indigenous resistance to the State, Capital, and colonialism. We take inspiration from the work of Martin Sostre and his Afro-Asian Bookstore in Buffalo, New York. We take inspiration from the Rockford Black Panther Party and other radical histories in our local history. We want to create and further anarchism that centers on decolonization, abolition, and radical ecology. Rust Belt Rising is meant to serve as an organizing space for anti-colonial, abolitionist, anarchist, and revolutionary movements in Rockford and the surrounding area.

We want anyone in the community who shares our vision to help us build the space. At the moment, we are currently hosting Earthseed afternoons every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm. Earthseed Afternoons are a chill space for anyone in the community to learn about abolition and anarchy. Earthseed Afternoons are an open hour time when people can browse our lending library, get some zines and use what facilities we have in the space.

We hope to do movie screenings, host educational groups, meetings for radical groups, host speakers, and other types of community events in the future. We are still building our lending library. If you want to send us books, posters, zines or anything for our space, feel free to email us to get in touch. If you want to host an event or come check out the space, email us. If you want the address, email us!