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RUMAH API society is defined by a set of shared values ​​and convictions. It is both the local and international community. It is a community that is committed to social justice , equality , anti- authoritarianism , autonomous action , collective processes , and to develop structures and institutions operating on alternative principles .

Our community includes artists and activists whose work promotes critical analysis and the possibility of expanded vision for our lives and the lives of our neighborhoods, cities , and communities . It includes punks who embrace the ethos of Do- It-Yourself , express positive outrage , and reject corporate commercialism . It includes nomads , squatters , fringe population , and people in the community who find the RUMAH API place to be heard and appreciated.

Our space is always available to punk , activists and other organizations for meetings, work – shops, forums, benefits , workshops and so on . RUMAH API also provides space and other resources for Food Not Bombs as well.