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Die Rote Flora ist ein beliebter politischer Störfaktor im Stadtteil und darüber hinaus. Sie ist ein Projekt, das für (post) autonome Politikformen steht und strömungsübergreifend genutzt wird. Viele Leute beziehen sich kulturell oder politisch auf das Gebäude. Es ist gelungen den Besetztstatus und auch den unkommerziellen Charakter über Jahrzehnte zu bewahren. Wir sind autonom organisiert und fällen unsere Entscheidungen im Konsensprinzip. Das Haus wird von uns in Eigenregie betrieben und in Stand gehalten. Staatliche Gelder und Sponsoring jeglicher Art werden von uns abgelehnt. In der Roten Flora soll niemand Geld verdienen. Eventuelle Überschüsse fließen in den Erhalt des Gebäudes sowie in politische Kampagnen. Die Rote Flora ist kein Wohnraum, sondern ein Zentrum für emanzipatorische Politik und Kultur. Wir werden das politische Projekt Rote Flora weiterhin kompromisslos verteidigen. Der Kampf für unsere politischen Ideale ist uns wichtiger als das Gebäude.


The Rote Flora is a popular political disruption factor in the district and beyond. It is a project that stands for (post) autonomous forms of politics and is used across streams. Many people refer to the building culturally or politically. It has managed to preserve the busy status and also the noncommercial character for decades. We are organized autonomously and make our decisions on a consensual basis. The house is operated and maintained by us on our own. State funds and sponsorship of any kind are rejected by us. Nobody should make money in the Red Flora. Any surpluses flow into the preservation of the building as well as into political campaigns. The Red Flora is not a living space, but a center for emancipatory politics and culture. We will continue to defend the political project Rote Flora without compromise. The fight for our political ideals is more important to us than the building.

The Rote Flora is a former theatre in the Sternschanze quarter in Hamburg. It has been squatted since November 1989 in response to a decision to turn it into a musical theatre. The Rote Flora hosts exhibitions by artists from all over the world, parties and cultural events regularly and also serves as a meeting point for left-wing movements. It was used as a convergence center during the protests against the 2007 G8 summit and has been the site of several congresses and political meetings. Political issues include immigration, nationalism in Germany and privatization of public space. The front part of the building still serves as a space for political, often very subjective and propagandistic, messages. The Rote Flora is mainly financed through donations and parties, and offers a wide range of alternative music such as punk, reggae, ska, dub, drum ‘n’ bass, techno and goa trance. (source: Wiki)