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Right 2 Survive


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Since 2009, we have led the charge in educating both houseless and housed people on their civil, human and constitutional rights. We work to bridge the gap between housed and un-housed people by clearing up misconceptions and stigmas associated with houselessness and empower houseless people to stand up for themselves when their rights are violated.

Right 2 Survive is a group of houseless and formerly houseless individuals and supporters dedicated to teaching about and defending the human, civil and constitutional rights of people experiencing homelessness.

Every day right here in the United States, millions of houseless individuals are being denied access to adequate shelter, sanitary restrooms in which to perform basic human functions, the ability to congregate into larger groups for safety while they sleep, and many other things that should be basic human rights.

The shelter system is overburdened and there are not enough shelter beds to accommodate the houseless population, yet there are laws being passed daily which prohibit people from having a tent or even a tarp to protect them from the elements as they sleep on the street or under bridges.

Here in Portland, Oregon there is a sit/lie ordinance in effect that prohibits people from sleeping on the sidewalk, in doorways, and even under bridges.


Our goal is to empower the un-sheltered, the disenfranchised, those of color, oppressed minorities, those who are being treated like criminals because of their poverty.

Our goal is to use the legal process as much as possible to obtain use of public lands, buildings and resources for the purpose of helping people (not corporations and the politically favored).

Our goal is to proclaim and protect the rights of those who capitalism has left behind.

Our goal is to facilitate creative use of under-utilized private spaces and resources for the purpose of getting people off the streets.

Our goal is to shine a light on the abuses of police as they abuse the homeless and poor.

Our goal is to force government to waste less and to get real about helping those who have become capitalism’s refugees.

Our goal is to form, bartering, green communities! When government would treat us like animals (and they are), then it is our right to care for ourselves. It is our duty to do so in a ‘do no harm’ manner, as much as possible.