Revolutionary Front


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As we look around us, we can see the dominant global system of the past century in total decline and disarray. All over the world, the capitalist class is rushing to save its wealth, its power and itself through brutal oppression. Their governments are ripping away what little we have of our personal lives, and their legislators are silencing our voices. Their bosses and landlords are extorting us, and their police forces are beating us.

But the sun still rises, and that knowledge empowers us onward.

Wherever there is oppression, there will always be those fighting against it. And now, the movement of freedom, that movement which flies the black flag in the face of tyranny, is undergoing a rebirth around the world. From east to west, anarchism has been reborn.

The Revolutionary Front is a part of this growing movement, following and adapting the Platformist tendency of Nestor Makhno, and standing in defence of working class freedom.

We believe that an ideal society is one with the characteristics of freedom, justice and equality for all its members. As opposed to a centralised state where a select few hold control over the lives of so many, we support the creation of localised direct democracy and the empowerment of local communities. We reject the fear and brutality that capitalism shackles us with in everyday life, and we struggle for a society based on the values of solidarity, freedom, mutual aid, and the pursuit of personal fulfilment.

We will not liberalise our opinions for the sake of “saving face”, and we will never sell out or sell short. As anarchists, our devotion to class struggle and direct democracy is uncompromising – the working class is entitled to all it creates, every community is entitled to govern over their own affairs, and every human is entitled to the rights of life, freedom and happiness. Rights that governments around the world are flaunting for the sake of profit and power.

The struggle that we face today may seem like an uphill battle. At times it may even seem pointless. But the alternative is that we wait in misery and poverty for capitalist-driven climate collapse to drive our planet and population to extinction. The value of one human life is worth more than every dollar bill and every gold ingot that the capitalist class posses. Our backs are against the wall – now is the time for us to push back against the system driving us to destruction. To push back so far, that we need not worry about their oppression any longer.

Our day is coming – now is the time for the universal ideal to blossom.

Power breeds parasites – long live anarchism!