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Rainbow Grocery Cooperative

A Worker-Owned Coop

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Over 40 years ago, Rainbow Grocery Cooperative opened its doors in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Since then, it has been dedicated to providing the community with the finest selection of organic and locally sourced products at competitive prices. More than just a grocery store, Rainbow is a hub for exchanging ideas on healthy eating and sustainable living.

The Power of a Worker-Owned Cooperative

What sets Rainbow Grocery apart is its unique business model – it’s a worker-owned cooperative. Employees are not just stocking shelves or ringing up purchases; they are the owners and decision-makers driving the business forward. With diverse backgrounds and motivations, the team shares a common passion for working in a fair, democratic environment where everyone’s voice matters. This commitment to sustainable living extends beyond the products on the shelves; it also informs the way the business operates.

Since relocating to 13th and Folsom, Rainbow Grocery has expanded its workforce from 85 to over 250. While new worker-owners join every year, some celebrate 20, 30, and even 40-year anniversaries with the coop, proving that Rainbow is more than just a job—it’s a community.

The Origins of Rainbow Grocery: From Spiritual Community to Thriving Business

In the early 1970s, a San Francisco ashram started Rainbow Grocery as a secular project to provide affordable vegetarian foods through a bulk food-buying program. Rich Israel, a member of the ashram and employee at the People’s Common Operating Warehouse of San Francisco, convinced the ashram to open a community food store. This decision aligned with the warehouse’s mission of creating a “People’s Food System” with a network of community food stores across the city.

Rainbow Grocery opened in the summer of 1975 alongside other community food stores such as Seeds of Life, Noe Valley Community Store, and several others. The first Rainbow store was located on 16th Street near Valencia, a strategic location that attracted counterculture youth and quickly became the busiest community food store in the area.

Initially, Rainbow operated with volunteer labor. As the store gained success, paid staff were brought on board, and the need for a more defined organizational structure arose. In 1976, Rainbow transitioned from the legal ownership of its founders, Janet and Bill Crolius, to a nonprofit corporation. This change allowed the store to operate collectively while providing a legal framework for its growth.

Rainbow Grocery Today: A Testament to Sustainable Living

Now a thriving worker-owned cooperative, Rainbow Grocery continues to serve the San Francisco community with its extensive range of organic and locally sourced products. As a beacon of sustainable living, it not only enriches the lives of those who shop there but also sets an example for fair, democratic workplaces everywhere.