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Perpus Jalanan Nomaden

Nomadic Street Library

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Perpus Jalanan Nomaden (Nomadic Street Library) was created by a group of young people who care about literacy. The young men hold book stalls for people to read for free. In fact, interestingly, the books can be borrowed.

These young men named their shanties with the very best name, the Nomadic Street Library.

For them, all humans have the right to read books to gain knowledge.

They departed from a sense of concern for coastal people who love to read, but the distance to the Regional Public Library is very far, approximately 40 km.

“People here who can access the Regional Public Library are certainly very minimal, because the distance is far. From Paciran it took approximately 1.5 hours to get there, “said Juniawan Bagaskara, one of the pioneers of the Nomadic Street Library.

According to him, introducing books to the public in public spaces is more beneficial, not merely hanging out spending the night, because reading a book will certainly add to the knowledge gained. Therefore, they try to transmit the reading virus and the importance of literacy culture.

“We came together with friends, opening this road library aims to transmit the virus to read books, so that the surrounding community is aware of the importance of literacy culture,” he said.

By being present in a crowd, at least it can blend in with all the community from children to adults and can share knowledge. And can eliminate the public’s perception of the library, which must wear neat clothes, must have library cards, and shoes.

“Reading books doesn’t have to be in a room, wearing neat clothes and shoes, but reading books can be done anywhere even in the middle of a crowd,” he concluded.

This street library has been established since 2017 which is the only street library in Lamongan. And has become an attraction of the wider community who love to read, even if just to taste the books provided.

This street library is open Saturday night Saturday starting at 17:00 WIB. The collection of books offered also varies from novels, biographies, education, to other academic books. Besides it can be read directly, it can also be borrowed, provided the original condition is returned.

Stay every Sunday night at the Paciran Lamongan ASDP terminal.