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PDX Houseless Radicals Collective

Collective Mutual Aid

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PDX Houseless Radicals Collective is a leaderless collective of individuals who have either worked within official services who serve houseless people or have/are houseless and have received services. They view government and social services making decisions on what is best for us, the houseless,  as flawed. By houseless people embracing collectivism and mutual aid will be able to make decisions and take actions which will more effectively benefit us as well as the greater community.

We are a leaderless leftist anti fascist collective. We stand in solidarity with people worldwide fighting for equality, social justice, green initiatives, anti fascism, anti imperialism/land back, and the struggle for a rulerless classless borderless socialist society.


Collective Campsite

Wherever houseless people attempt to put down roots underlaying class discrimination and fear come to the surface. This forces us into a s position where we either must hide or stay consistently on the move. Neither of these do us anything besides harm. There have been efforts led from within in the past to fight for the right to form a community with some success. In the end however unfair compromises with authorities have castrated these efforts. We are building a new urban camping community and occupying public land in effort to create a place where we can live free from harassment and discrimination and defend ourselves when faced with any. Through the principles of mutual aid we are planning and building systems in our community that will help us achieve a higher standard of living than what is currently forced upon us by the state. We are networking with mutual aid blocs and collectives many of which have sprung up over the last year to meet people’s needs during fights for justice and police abolition, as well as individual leftist organizers to find solutions for waist/trash disposal and many others that will ensure our safety and self defense. We are not asking government for permission or support. We only ask for the opportunity to help ourselves without attack from classiest, racist and imperialist agitators

Basic needs and outreach

Houseless people are suffering now having been denied easy access to survival supplies ranging from tents and sleeping bags to hygiene supplies. There are agencies helping with these things but obstructive barriers are in place making distribution difficult. We as houseless people will be organizing on demand outreach to our peers to deliver the things people need to them where ever they are. With our housed comrades we will bring aid to people which will better serve their immediate needs without unnecessary barriers.