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Northern Police Monitoring Project


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In a society where the specter of police misconduct often looms large, the role of watchdog organizations is indispensable. One such entity that has carved a niche for itself in the United Kingdom is the Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP). As a grassroots organization, NPMP works hand-in-hand with communities dealing with police harassment, brutality, and racism, particularly in Greater Manchester and surrounding regions. Let’s delve into the core principles that drive this organization and explore the key projects that amplify its impact.

Grassroots Approach: The Bedrock of NPMP

At the heart of NPMP’s identity is its grassroots orientation. This means they are embedded within the communities they aim to serve, making them uniquely positioned to understand the lived experiences of those facing police harassment and racism. Unlike top-down initiatives that often view problems through a bureaucratic lens, NPMP’s grassroots nature ensures a focus on immediate, on-the-ground issues.

Key Projects: A Multi-Pronged Strategy

NPMP is far from a one-dimensional entity; it conducts various projects designed to tackle police misconduct from different angles:

No Police in Schools

In collaboration with Kids of Colour, this project aims to disentangle the presence of police from educational spaces in Greater Manchester. It brings together parents, teachers, activists, and community members in a united stance against the militarization of educational environments.

Resistance Lab

An intriguing fusion of tech and activism, Resistance Lab seeks to confront various forms of (racist) state violence. Comprising activists, technologists, and academics, this group employs a combination of technology and creative thinking to raise public awareness about systemic issues like racial profiling and harassment.

National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund

As an official assessment partner, NPMP is involved in this national fund designed to financially aid families affected by deaths in custody. It is a critical pillar in the long-standing campaigns that such families often have to wage to seek justice.

Relevance Beyond the UK

Though its primary focus is regional, the activities and core principles of NPMP resonate on a global scale. Questions about police misconduct, harassment, and systemic racism are not confined to any particular geography. Initiatives like NPMP, therefore, contribute to a broader global discourse around issues of justice, power, and state-controlled mechanisms of coercion.

The Northern Police Monitoring Project stands as a vivid example of what grassroots activism can achieve when channeled effectively. Whether it’s the demilitarization of schools, the intersection of tech and social justice, or providing financial support to families in need, NPMP operates at the nexus of community engagement and systemic critique. It challenges us to rethink the role of policing in society and to imagine alternatives that are more aligned with the principles of justice, equity, and community well-being.