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North Bohemian Anarchist Federation

Severočeská anarchistická federace

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The aim of the North Bohemian Anarchist Federation is to bring together local groups in individual towns of northern Bohemia and individuals who adhere to anarchist ideas. SAF is a non-hierarchical collective of workers, the unemployed and students on anarchist principles.

We have no leaders, all decisions are taken by all members, possible functions are optional and revocable at any time from below. Decisions on the operation of our Federation take place at meetings, congresses or through referendums.

The SAF seeks to create a free stateless and classless society based on territorial and productive self-government, federalism, equality, solidarity and social justice. A company that we 
– the ordinary people – will manage, without politicians and bosses. We want to make decisions about our own lives, we do not need representatives who cheat us every time. We want to work freely, not to be bossed by bosses and to receive alms on pay slips.

We want to live with dignity, not just survive!