Next to Nowhere


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We created the social centre to be part of efforts to bring about a fair, free and sustainable society – one without hierarchy, discrimination, or the exploitation of people, animals and the planet for profit. We believe this is only possible through the direct action of ordinary people against capitalism & the state.

The centre exists to support anyone acting to defend themselves and their communities against attacks by business and government, locally and globally, and those acting in solidarity with them, through direct action, campaigning work, education, and sharing skills and resources.

The social centre is not just a meeting space; it is intended as an example. We work non-hierarchically, we maintain our independence as far as is possible, we claim to represent no one but ourselves and seek to facilitate, not control, the resistance of others. We expect respect for each other; the centre should be a place of diversity and safety for all – discrimination, oppression and violence will not be tolerated.

We prioritise groups who share this vision and groups who are the most excluded, who have least access to resources and meeting spaces yet need them most to fight back against oppression.

Whilst we seek to be broadly inclusive and do not demand explicit commitments to these principles from groups using the centre, we will refuse groups who stand against any of this.

All individuals are welcome.