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Network for International Friendship


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The people of Rojava are resisting against fascism and occupation. Facing fierce and most difficult conditions they continue their everyday life and try to build up something new.

Together as different organizations from Rojava we founded the Network for International Friendship . In the history of oppressed peoples struggle solidarity and international support always have been one of our most powerful weapons and solidarity for us is not at first a topic of words and theory, but a topic of work and practice: It was practiced in Spain 1936, it was practiced in Angola in 1975, it was practiced for Vietnam in 1968 and it was practiced in so many other places throughout history.

Today as well there are living examples existing. Living examples of practical solidarity with the concept of civilian working brigades exist today, for example in Cuba and Palestine. International Brigades have been organized for the support of popular freedom struggles all around the world at different stages of history. Today we want to carry on this tradition in Rojava under the name of Rojava Volunteers – Working Brigades.

We want to give you the opportunity to get to know our homeland, learn about the reality of our struggle, share your knowledge and work and „sweat“ with us, so that we strengthen the international struggle for a free and comunal life together.

We call on all democrats, socialist, revolutionaries and internationalists: Join us, become a volunteer! Together we will defend Rojava, work collectively and build communal life!

Get to know Rojava, put solidarity into practice and help us to break the economical and political embargo on Rojava!

The Network for International Friendship is an umbrella organisation, containing various entities and institutions of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. We develop projects that bring together and connect the local branches of the administration with people and progressive institutions from all over the world.

Our aim is to close the gap between democratic struggles worldwide through collective experiences and practical solidarity.

The Network for International Friendship contains of the  Revolutionary Youth Movement of Syria, the Internationalist Youth Commune of Rojava, Kongreya Star and the Civil Diplomacy Centre.