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Nestor Makhno Headquarters and Statue


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This unusual statue of Nestor Makhno is perched on the balcony of a historic building in Starobelsk, this unusual statue of Nestor Makhno pays tribute to the renowned anarchist leader. In October 1920, this very building served as the headquarters for the Insurgent Army, a key base in Makhno’s fight against both the Bolsheviks and the White Army.

Starobelsk holds a significant place in Ukrainian history. Beyond its association with Makhno, it was the first Ukrainian city liberated from Nazi invaders in January 1943, later serving as the temporary capital of Ukraine for several months. This city, therefore, stands at the crossroads of multiple pivotal moments in Ukrainian and world history.

The statue on the balcony symbolizes Makhno’s enduring legacy and the relentless pursuit of anarchist ideals. It is a stark reminder of the tumultuous period of the Russian Civil War, where Makhno’s Insurgent Army championed self-governance, land redistribution, and direct democracy. Makhno’s efforts and the movement he inspired left an indelible mark on the region’s history.

Visitors to Starobelsk can reflect on this rich history and the dynamic interplay of revolutionary fervor and wartime resilience. The statue serves not just as a tribute to Makhno but also as a beacon of the enduring spirit of resistance and the quest for social justice.