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MigSzol Csoport


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A független és informális csoportunk Magyarországon élő menekültekből, migránsokból és magyar állampolgárokból áll. A menekültek, migránsok és menedékkérők jogaiért, és a magyar társadalomban és politikában való részvételükért küzdünk.

Our independent and informal group consists of refugees, migrants and Hungarians living in Hungary. We are struggling for the rights of refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers and for their participation in the Hungarian society and politics.


Migráns Szolidaritás fights for human dignity by offering support and solidarity for migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and Hungarians living in Hungary. We believe in freedom of movement, that no one is illegal and that people’s identity should not be defined by documents. Therefore, we want protection for everybody who needs it. We believe that immigration is a positive development. We want all people to have equal possibilities in Hungary and in Europe. We aim to abolish racist laws, exclusionary policies and involuntary deportations. In short, we want full integration and adequate social services for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary and Europe.

We are not a NGO, and all our members are volunteers and do not receive any money from the Hungarian government nor from the European Union – we value our independence because it is the best way to serve the interest of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary. It is not our aim to take the place of other organizations. That means that we are not social workers or lawyers. If some of our members are working in a NGO, they take part in Migráns Szolidaritás in their free time, willing to help more. Although, in the interest of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, we are open to cooperate with other organisations.

It is important to emphasize that in our philosophy Migráns Szolidaritás does not represent all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. We aim to work together though during events or meetings the migrants, refugees and asylum seekers speak for themselves. Since we consider freedom of speech an essential right our group’s first aim is to give migrants, refugees and asylum seekers visibility and give them the possibility to express themselves without distinction of gender, origin, age or religion.

What we do:
• Create solidarity between migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, not only in the Bicske camp but in Hungary and in Europe as well, and encourage them to organise.
• Promote and encourage participation for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Hungarian society and politics.
• Connect the migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with other vulnerable groups, as well as with organisations able to answer their demands or to give advice in Hungary and in Europe.
• Create links between migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and institutional stakeholders.
• Provide assistance and information about migrants, refugees and asylum seekers’ rights in Hungary and in Europe.
• Raise civil awareness about migrants’, refugees’ and asylum seekers’ problems in Hungary and in Europe through videos and articles in different languages.

Migráns Szolidaritás would like to include more and more people be they migrants, refugees, asylum seekers or Hungarians. Everybody regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender or their religion is welcome in our group.