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Mapagpalayang Kapatiran


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Hello! We are MK (Mapagpalayang Kapatiran), a group of Filipino libertarian socialists subscribing to the values of liberty, autonomy, equality and solidarity, together with methods such as direct action, mutual aid, free association and direct democracy.

Starting with an initiative in 2016 to create an anarcho-syndicalist organization in the country that will affiliate with IWA (International Workers’ Association), the largest, continually existing anarcho-syndicalist organization in the world, a group of like-minded individuals formed MK in 2020 with the aforementioned goal, and at the same time, reach out to would-be comrades that will be guided by the principles of libertarian socialism and the praxis of anarcho-syndicalism.

Believing that the effort for a truly just and libertarian society starts with class struggle, with the working class front and center of it, it is our intent to reach out to individuals who subscribe to such philosophy. Any adherents of other socio-political trends are most welcome, provided, the group would not be an avenue for philosophical and ethical debate of what is and what is not in the best interest of our community.

In this regard, we intend to form a discussion group with the intent of gathering would-be members interested in the pursuit of libertarian socialism and anarcho-syndicalism.

Preliminarily, this discussion group is for Filipinos by birth only. We would very much welcome comrades overseas in a separate discussion group.