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Manchester Industrial Workers of the World


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Manchester IWW is a member led, grassroots union for all workers in Greater Manchester. We are a union for cleaners, hospitality workers, education workers and workers in the “gig economy”. Our campaigns have won thousands of pounds for workers and defended ordinary people in precarious employment. Join us. Make a difference. We are here for you.

Since starting in 2013, we have grown rapidly, defending workers in Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Wigan and Warrington. Our trained representatives have defended mothers and fathers facing dismissal, disabled workers and migrant workers. We run workshops for our members and workers in Manchester, on the benefits of being in a union, workers rights and how to organise at work.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our union. We only sustain ourselves and grow with members and supporters getting involved. From recruiting at work and in the community, helping us represent and recruit, getting involved with running the union, we need you!

But we don’t want to just defend our members – we want better terms and conditions for all workers, and a more equal and just society, where working people have a real say on the matters that affect us.

We meet monthly in Central Manchester. If you’re interested in solving problems in your workplace, helping other workers, getting involved in our campaigns, or finding out more about the IWW, get in touch!