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Manchester 0161 Antifascists


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We promote talks, discussions, commemorations, film screenings and community cohesion events.

0161 began in about 2013 with a load of our lads being involved in anti-fascism and general community stuff for a while, the point of beginning 0161 festival was to bring as many people as possible under the anti-fascist banner without it being a proper weird clique or just the same old people. For too long “anti-fascists” are just preaching to the converted and patting themselves on the back. We needed to engage with people from all over, different backgrounds and different cultures. To have a festival and run events in normal areas that wasn’t just the same crowd going round again and again. Punks, casuals, hiphop kids, skaters, indie kids, skinheads, DJs, rappers and normal heads from all over standing together against racism.