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London Anarchist Federation


5.0/51 Reviews

We describe ourselves as anarchist communists, anarchists and revolutionary class struggle anarchists, and operate as a membership organisation. The London group consists of members and non-members, so feel free to work and collaborate with us without officially joining.

London AF is a local group of the Anarchist Federation.

What is anarchism?

Anarchism advocates the abolition of the state and capitalism, because they are both oppressive structures, and is in favour of replacing them with horizontal networks based on voluntary associations and working class self-management.

Central to our liberation, is the advocating of direct action (i.e. we act for ourselves, without mediation through a third party using tactics such as strikes, occupations), strengthening solidarity amongst our class, and practising prefigurative politics (i.e. we struggle against oppressions like racism and sexism in the here and now). We reject parliamentary politics or indeed party building exercises, because these mimic the features of existing society that we object to.

We are heavily influenced by the ideas of Errico Malatesta, Nestor Makhno, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman and a host of other revolutionary thinkers and our tradition is informed from a diverse range of struggles from the important revolutionary movements of the twentieth century, through to the Poll Tax and women’s and gay rights movement of recent times.

1 Review for London Anarchist Federation

talk79 1 Reviews
The London branch has closed down

According to their site, the London branch has closed down early 2023.

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