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Liga Anarquist- Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Anarchist League

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The Anarchist League arises from the popular uprisings of June 2013, from conversations, analysis and discussions between some anarchist individuals not associated with organizations operating in the city of Rio de Janeiro until then. The dialogues advanced and it was soon realized the need for a synthesis collective that brought together anarchist militant individuals for self-defense, mutual support, solidarity, direct action, self-management, federalism, preserving the characteristics of each of its members and promoting dialogue. existing organizations in Rio de Janeiro and everywhere to strengthen and organize the anarchist movement for a free society.

As anarchist principles and methods, we associate our model with that of synthesis federations: Direct Action, Anti-Authoritarianism, Mutual Support, Self-Management, and Federalism. The LIGA, as an anarchist collective, is constituted on the following bases: the plurality of theoretical conceptions resulting from the historical accumulation of anarchists along its trajectory; the recognition of the various forms of action based on the understanding of the heterogeneity of the struggling, exploited and oppressed subjects. Thus, the Anarchist League presents itself for dialogue with all popular anarchist, libertarian and autonomist organizations for collective work and the building of the free world.

We understand that all organizations have their role in the fight and that they all have common enemies. These organizations are complementary and in the current conjuncture have no role in the struggles of our time. In this way we intend to maintain the dialogues and build agreements to continue in the struggles, having freedom as a means, beginning and end.

The Anarchist League will work with the anarchist movement to build a federation guided by the synthesis of different trends, respecting the diversity of organizations present and active in our historical moment.

We welcome each and every one of you and invite you to meet LIGA.