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Konzert Raum Koch Areal


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Squat in Zurich host to several projects, including megahex.fm, the K-Set database, A4 Unplugged and a free shop.

Since 2004, the K-Set archive in Zurich has been collecting and archiving self-made publications that were created outside of an academic, professional or commercial environment and whose initiation, production and distribution are based on the initiative of the producers. We look forward to your visit.

The Velonom is a public, self-managed bicycle workshop. We provide space, tools, bicycles, spare parts and a certain amount of mechanic experience. We are not a bike shop where repairs are done for customers, but encourage everyone to take repairs themselves and / or with the help of others. We want to create a real alternative to the commercial repair service. And also: You can repair almost everything, so why throw everything away and buy new?

The A4 unplugged is a self-managed printing collective. We offer a non-commercial and self-organized space with a printing infrastructure. Above all, cultural and political content can be printed cheaply here.