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Food Not Bombs Jozie Collective


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As the economic, political and environmental crisis grow more urgent Food Not Bombs Jozie is often the place where people turn for vegan meals, groceries, health needs, information and emotional support- most people on the fringes of a capitalist society, the others. Many people tell us that Food Not Bombs changed their lives. Others say we saved their lives. Food Not Bombs is as busy as ever with the increase in poverty and homelessness in our communities.

Because we recover food we can provide meals to many people weekly, sharing thousands of vegan and vegetarian meals every week in over 1,000 communities in 65 countries around the world. Here in Jozie, hundreds of people every week, mostly women and children who have no other means and no support from social services or the state, many refugees and those who have been forgotten by society, those whose homes are the streets, squats and parks and the animals, domestic and wild where we work alongside CLAW-Community Led Animal Welfare and use the Animal shelter and clinic here in Durban Deep as our base.  Cora Bailey, and the folk at claw, are the beacons of hope for this community and the surrounding townships, Durban Deep being cut off from water and electricity supplies for about 8 years. We see to the needs of animals in our communities, mostly poor communities who have no access to animal care and vets-  Most of our bread and vegetable supplies come from NOSH FOOD RESCUE, an NPO that “rescues” food that would have otherwise been thrown away and Food Not Bombs prepares a delicious healthy meal for the community every Saturday, along with doing other mobile runs to the homeless on the streets and to communities that are really suffering with no other aid from anyone.

Food Not bombs Jozie goes into some of the most abandoned and destitute communities. We plead for a helping hand. We need supplies, we need brave and committed volunteers and spare cash to get around as we are all unpaid volunteers. We are always in need of money for petrol and vehicle maintenance etc to help us get to the places no one else would go to for food distribution, where funds are most needed-and running costs and support in our fundraisers and other Food Not Bombs activities like the Free Skool ReddWritingHood that offers tutoring services to disadvantaged kids and raises funds to make their educational dreams come true. Everything else, food-wise, we rely on what the rich consider waste or would rather throw away than sell cheaply or give away. Some of our other ingredients are bought with contributions from the community and our team. We also need brave volunteers who are prepared, emotionally to stare poverty in the face and the accompanying dangers to do distributions with us on a Saturday, or if you can collect or cook food, you can help that way.

Join the others and feed the revolution. Food Not Bombs Jozie is open for sharing of vegetables, groceries, clothes, shoes, blankets-anything that you have spare we do a lot with to feed up to a hundred or more people weekly.

We have a new base and collection at 30 O’ Brien, Waterval Estate, Northcliff and @ Amuse Café, Linden. For drop off’s please call Cueless on 0608297350 or email lararedd@gmail.com /0797722653 for how to give cash donations.