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Filler Zine and Distro


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Filler is…

  • A zine distro that offers free printing / distribution / promotion for radical writers, bands, artists, vandals, and organizations in Pittsburgh.
  • The name of our sporadically published zine.
  • A DIY countermedia platform that signal-boosts / publishes news that’s relevant to local anarchists and other autonomous radicals.
  • A free-to-comrades label & recording studio.
  • An informal collective consisting primarily of burnt out organizers, queer punx, sex workers, bad writers and (recovering) addicts who are really conflicted as to whether or not this bulletin point constitutes bullshit liberal identity politics.
  • Somewhat affiliated with the Steel City Autonomous Movement (SCAM) and Pittsburgh’s autonomous student network, whatever the fuck that means.
  • Really bad at checking our email / responding in a timely manner / doing anything but shit-posting on twitter @pgh_autonomy

Filler started in 2012 as a punk/hardcore fanzine. It’s been a lot of things since… As the name should imply, Filler has never been much of a coherent project. We’re more or less an informal collection of punx & anarchists that support each other’s projects & simply use the name Filler whenever it’s convenient.

If folks like the project, they’re welcome to offer their own resources to expand what Filler as a collective is capable of doing.