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Durango Food Not Bombs

Mutual Aid Distro / Peoples' Potluck Lunch (MAD PPL)

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Durango Mutual Aid Distro / Peoples’ Potluck Lunch! (MAD PPL)

With the onset of Spring and warmer weather, we’re switching gears a bit, no longer focusing on cold weather support, and creating more of a potluck atmosphere. So cook up something to share and c’mon down! Same time and location, 2-4PM every Sunday at Buckley Park (backup location: Iris Park). If you want, bring your own chairs, dishes, games & activities, and whatever else you think might be fun or helpful. We encourage the do-it-yourself ethic!


Join us to share and eat free food together and collect and distribute gear & supplies for our homeless community members, many of whom were displaced from the former Purple Cliffs encampment.

We are currently gathering every Sunday from 2-4PM in Buckley Park. This is subject to change, pending various scenarios, so stay tuned! (Update: Our backup location in the event of police repression or conflicting events at Buckley Park is right across Camino del Rio at Iris Park, near the Vietnam War Memorial and foot bridge. If we’re not at Buckley, look for us there!)

Bring food to share (prepared dishes, groceries and non-perishables for distribution, etc.), clothing & gear, personal hygiene supplies, toiletries, AA & AAA batteries, propane bottles, etc. Please bring items that are in good condition and do not use this as an opportunity to discard tattered items upon the less privileged. This is #SolidarityNotCharity

If you have a food or gear donation to offer, contact durangofoodnotbombs@riseup.net to arrange a drop-off or pick-up (we may not be able to accept all offers, depending on our capacity. Thank you for your understanding).

💸💵💰💳 Donate funds:

Cashapp: $DurangoMutualAid
Venmo: @ DurangoMutualAid
Paypal: @ feraliens