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Doughnut Workers United


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Doughnut Workers United was formed by Voodoo Doughnut workers just like you. We are trying to change things like unsafe working conditions, unfair scheduling, toxic management practices pay caps, and lack of sick leave. We achieve these goals by approaching Voodoo Doughnut with a list of “demands”, and negotiating for a contract to ensure that these demands are met. A contract affords us the knowledge that our job will be safe, pay us fairly, and meet our needs to live our lives fully in and outside of work.

DWU (Doughnut Workers United) is affiliated with with the Industrial Worker’s of the World (IWW). The IWW is a larger umbrella union that supports us in our fight. The IWW is a longstanding union in the U.S. and has fought for worker rights and an end to capitalism for its entire history.

What are we asking for?

☐ A living wage

☐ Fair and consistent scheduling

☐ Safe and healthy workplaces

☐ Oldtown Security Guards

☐ Severance pay for workers affected by Covid-19 outbreak

☐ Access to PTO pay out to all workers laid off due t Covid19 outbreak

☐ Affordable and quality benefits

☐ Paid sick leave as well as vacation time

☐ Holiday pay for more holidays

☐ Transparent hiring and firing policies

☐ Wage increases for each station each employee is trained on in house

☐ Maternity/parental leave

What is a Union?

A union is a collective of two or more workers who’ve joined together to improve their working conditions.

Statistically, union jobs pay higher, are safer, have higher retention rates for employees, and provide higher quality benefits. This is because the whole purpose of a union is to ensure workers receive respectful and fair treatment.

We have to join together to achieve these goals! Because the company is certainly not going to do it for us!