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Dockstader Anarchist Mutual Aid Society


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Throughout the world, the black rose has come to symbolize many things. To some, it has symbolized death, sorrow and mourning. In the same vein, it has also symbolized hatred and revenge. In what seems to be somewhat of a contradiction, the black rose has also become a symbol of the rebirth of beauty or of the mind. And of course, it has also become a symbol for anarchism or libertarian socialism.

The Dockstader Anarchist Mutual Aid Society (formerly the Black Rose Society) accepts all implications of this symbol. We embrace the hatred and the desire for revenge against all institutions that have oppressed and exploited humanity. We feel sorrow and mourn over the lives lost and suffering felt by those who have been trampled on in the name of profit and capital. With that, we call for a rebirth of society, free from abuse and suffering. We cry out for a society where a person does not need to sell their arms in order to put food in their mouth. In order for this to happen a rebirth of our minds needs to take place.

The city of Los Angeles once possessed a rich and vibrant anarchist movement. These groups played a critical role in revolutionary and class struggles throughout the world. In response, organizations and individuals became the targets of governments and business leaders. Despite the repression, the movement remained steadfast in its commitment to anarchism and revolutionary change.

Today, the rich history of the Los Angeles anarchist movement has been lost. Due to a disconnect of today’s anarchists with their past, combined with never ending redevelopment of the city’s landscape, anarchists in the city constantly walk past important landmarks for our movement, unaware of their existence.

Our ignorance of the past has left our movement rootless, wandering aimlessly without any connection to our history or culture that once existed. We sit uninspired, blind to the beauty that surrounds us. The Dockstader Anarchist Mutual Aid Society is determined to generate a rebirth of our movement into the vital community and culture that once existed.

The first step in this endeavor is to reconnect our current community with its roots, to reintroduce us to our past. The beauty of our history, now covered up and ignored, can be given a rebirth.

Once we are reconnected with our roots, our movement can grow and bloom. So let us bathe in the beauty that is our history, our community and the idea that leads us to struggle.