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Community Center RUKH


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Basic Info

RUKH is an is an experimental, non-public activist community center created to establish communication and develop the anarchist milieu in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our target audience is active activists and their closest, trusted circle interested in politics and action.

Services we provide

Educational events

RUKH was created as a place for information exchange, so we plan to hold lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions, and various meetings at the Center.

For this purpose, we have:

  • Chairs, a large table and mats.
  • Projector.

Activists’ space

RUKH was created as a space for self-organization, so we offer our infrastructure as a platform for your educational events.

Space for assemblies

RUKH was created as a space for the development of self-government, so we offer our infrastructure for any collective sessions.


We have experienced facilitators and moderators on our team, so we can help you run quality and constructive sessions with your group or organize and host an event if needed.


We’ll be happy to temporarily host guests from the international anarchist milieu, comrades and their immediate environment. Unfortunately, our space is not large, so we have restrictions on the length of stay (up to 3 weeks) and the number of people (up to 6).

We offer:

  • separate room for guests.
  • 4-5 sleeping places, mats, blankets and sleeping bags.
  • a separate kitchen and everything you need for cooking, eating and storing food.
  • washing machine, comfortable bathroom with shower and hot water.
  • wardrobes for storing personal belongings.
  • WI-FI.
  • 2 balconies.
  • elevator.
  • several large stores nearby.
  • convenient transportation.

Stuff storage

We offer the possibility to store your belongings in the center’s space if you are, for example, a military person or have such a need. All items will be stored in wooden wardrobes in a warm and dry room.


We have our own small library, which is available to visitors and guests. Unfortunately, for now, reading is only possible in the center.

Product stand

We are open to cooperation with cooperatives and individual producers: you can display your products for demonstration and sale in our center.

*All services are free of charge, however, we will be grateful for your support of the center.